Fondation NYB Shalom is a faith-based and socio-humanitarian organization dedicated to the promotion of social and economic justice by empowering marginalized youths and destitute women; educating girl children; providing psycho-social and spiritual support to orphans and vulnerable and underprivileged children, oppressed women and their families in Cameroon. Founded in 2003, it is legally recognized under 305/RDA/J06/BAPP of 25/03/2004.

Our vision is to be a community in which every person experiences and shares the Love, compassion and justice of God in words and actions to make the world a peaceful and better place to live.

Our mission: Fondation NYB Shalom (FNS) seeks to be a loving, caring, compassionate and just community that supports orphaned children, destitute youths, women and widows through education, skills training and economic development, peace-building, psycho-social, spiritual care and trauma healing.