About Us

Fondation NYB Shalom (FNS) is a faith-based and socio-humanitarian organization dedicated to the promotion of social and economic justice by empowering marginalized youths and destitute women; educating girls’ children; providing psycho-social and spiritual support to orphans, vulnerable and underprivileged children, oppressed women and their families in Cameroon. Founded in 2003, it is legally recognized under 305/RDA/J06/BAPP of 25/03/2004.


  • To improve children basic education with a priority to girls’ education
  • To support programs that provide children’s rights, psycho-social, spiritual, primary health care to orphans.
  • To empower women through education, skills training and literacy programs.
  • To create socio-economic opportunities for empoverished women.
  • To strengthen families through education and recreation.
  • To create awareness raising and advocate for social and economic justice of the destitute youth and women through community organizing and education
  • To educate youth and adults as agents of peace, forgiveness and reconciliation ito prevent bullying, family and community violence and break the cycle of violence.
  • To build relationship, partnership and network with friends and  well wishers through exchange visits, summer camps and sports competitions