My Story


The vision started in 1994 during a door-to-door evangelization, when a woman scraping out a living from a dehumanizing activity asked: “If I accept Christ and come to your church, how am I going to live and feed my children? Is the church going to take care of me and my family?”

I was so moved by her story. Reflecting back on this encounter, I am deeply touched by the social and economic injustice, suffering, marginalization, oppression, injustice, hatred, abuses,  poverty, bullying and violence of children, youths and women in families, communities or in the world.

I am disheartened to witness how little care is provided to those living at the margins of our society; or those striving daily for the basic needs such as running fresh water, decent shelter, access to healthcare, proper sanitation and things that every human  deserves. The unequal distribution of income across the world is one of the most devastating causes behind many of these human ills. As reported in NYTIMES.

Responding to my call and inspired by the word of God that tells us:  “Learn to do right! Seek justice, encourage the oppressed. Defend the cause of the fatherless, plead the case of the widow” Isaiah 1:17. My family and I started     helping who we could, with our own personal resources but were limited. God inspired me to have a greater vision; to create an organization that could do more! Together with Fr Joseph, other family members, and friends, we founded a humanitarian faith-based organization – FONDATION NYB SHALOM (FNS) where many people could provide support.

We are very pleased to share our dream with you. We invite each one of you to journey with us and to become a missionary of love, compassion, justice and peace. Let’s love our neighbors as ourselves by caring for the least of those affected by poverty.  Let us invest in our children’s education and empower our youths and women.

Be an agent of change to help caring, transforming, educating, advocating, empowering and bringing hope in the lives of destitute women, youths and children.

Together we can strive to make the world a better, more harmonious and just place through our daily lives and actions.

Blessing, love and peace, Clemence